Cardano Services
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Total Stake: 678K ₳
Pledge: 95K ₳
Fixed Cost: 340.0 ₳
Margin: 2.5%
Epoch: N/A
Block Fordge: 0
Total Reward: N/A
Total Delegators: 6
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Who Are We ?

Cardano Services is the leading solution in Cardano staking and leasing. We provide professional staking services suited to the needs of the most demanding investors. Cardano Services Staking Pool combines years of cryptocurrency exchange experience lead by a team of ADA advocates with the advantages of innovative network infrastructure while being the first staking service to offer leasing solutions.

Our Mission

The Cardano Services Team is comprised of avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts/investors with years of trading, and technical knowledge. We banded together to take part of the revolutionary Cardano ADA offerings, while gaining profits along with our community, we also share our profits with the community by allocating ADA from the sixth epoch earnings for the Cardano Services Lottery Drawing. Our mission is to provide the highest quality Staking Pool services while providing a lottery drawing for our community, additional offerings such as a professional responsive website, secure login, privacy, no local address storing, future adoptions, pool comparison, ADA tools, customer support, and much more!

Our Services

We as Cardano Services are the complete package of services. Includes but not limited to staking, pool explorer, staking help from different wallets, future integration of DEX upon Cardano ADA's smart contract release. The team to also provide an automated 24/7 support system, using tickets. Users will also be able to create accounts on our website, and track their progression upon Cardano ADA's DEX after launch/release. Future adoption such as a Cardano based casino system, where you can play to earn ADA as rewards. A complete services system that will help not only users, but the community, and drive the change.